Five Minute Friday: Dance

It's been a while since I participated in Five Minute Friday, but here I am, blogging on my phone as we make a trek to Iowa to visit family. Please visit Lisa-Jo for the rules and to join in here!! 

Today's Prompt: Dance


We dance through the rhythm of young parenthood. The music and it's beat ever changing. 

Our halls cluttered with toys and the laughter and screaming of little girls. Our hearts full of the song of love we never knew we could feel so deeply. 

Sometimes we find ourselves slow dancing through a grownup movie or a stolen moment in the night.

Mostly we are moving endlessly- like we're part of an endless rave only the drugs are merely lack of sleep. 

We dance along and try to find our way when the music changes, getting up when we stumble and fall. 

Sometimes we get tired and want to stop, but the music never stops so we keep moving through the rough moments and eventually find the beauty in every melody. 

Of all the dances in our lives this is the most important. See, as we dance, little feet are picking up our rhythms, and learning their own moves. 


What is your dance?

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