In the quiet...

...there's a storm brewing.  I've been away from this space for a week doing a very large DIY project on my main floor.  We're putting in all new flooring and painted the entire area.  It's been a lot of work full of mishaps, unplanned expenses, way too much time and even some really bad customer service that actually got us some great perks thanks to my husband.  After a week of ripping up carpet, flooring, tack strips, filling holes, painting, discovering we had to lay new sub floor in part of the area, purchasing NEW baseboards instead of being able to reuse the old ones because of poor installation by the builder, and painstakingly laying flooring board by board, we are exhausted and still have so much to do.  So!  I decided to share some pictures of our progress so far and I'll post another update when it's all done and I have time to write a real post.  Have a great weekend, friends!!

The state of my kitchen when we laid the new sub floor...

Living room with part of the new sub floor installed.

Like my new dining table?  Ha ha.

Progress of flooring after two nights of work...

Closer look at the flooring.  I love it!

What we have left.  So not looking forward to the kitchen!
It's been stressful, but to go from having stained carpet in the living and dining room to this beautiful floor will be well worth it.  Wish us luck that we'll complete it this weekend!!! 

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