Five Minute Friday: The Ache of Love

We took a break from Five Minute Friday for a bit, but now we're back.  Click over to The Gypsy Mama to join in and write unedited for five minutes.  Or just to read all the beautiful posts.

Today's Prompt: Ache


Heartstrings gently tugged.  Feet padding towards the doorstep, hands clasped.  Chance meetings become the promise of forever.

Black and white attire.  Rose petals and a cake.  Two symbolic rings.  Do you?

Rugged hands on soft skin.  Lips and limbs intertwined.  Rapid heartbeats.  The cusp of that sweet release.

Round and swollen.  Forehead beaded with sweat.  Breathing, breathing.  Crying.  Pushing and contracting.

Helpless. Tiny fingers and toes constantly growing. Immobile cries become sprinting sentences. Tugged between past memories and future promise.

Quiet, empty rooms once filled with laughter.  Experienced hands rediscover each other.  A new chapter.

Twisting, turning, tumbling internally. Heart pounding in deafening tones. Rivers falling from red eyes. Oceans formed on sweaters.

Lost and lonely. Heart squeezed between invisible hands. Hollow cavern in the stomach. Shallow breaths.

Aching to join him.


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