I have always thought of myself as a dependable person. Someone you could count on. Someone who would be there for you in times of need. Over the last few years, as my priorities have grown and changed and I've become responsible for the life of another person, I feel like my dependability has decreased. I'm not quite as able to drop everything and be where I'm needed...or always available when a friend calls. I have tried to balance this more as I become more accustomed to parenthood and I felt like I was getting better. I have always been somewhat forgetful, but it was usually fairly harmless. Now I'm forgetting appointments, forgetting responsibilities, forgetting everything. This last week my forgetfulness has seriously decreased my opinion of myself and my ability to be counted on. I'd like to blame this on "pregnancy brain" but I'm not really sure that's it. These thoughts have me feeling rather low tonight and rather than lay in my bed and dwell on them, I figured I'd put them out to the universe. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

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