7-8 Months

Dear Zoe,

One thing you will learn from your mother, if you haven't already, is the terrible knack she has for procrastination.  In fact, I procrastinated so much this time that I must combine two months into one post.  So as to not bore our dear readers, I will attempt to keep it simple and full of pictures.

You spent the beginning of your seventh month in a new place. As I mentioned in your 6 month post, we went to New Mexico to stay with Great Grandma so we could go to Great Grandpa's funeral.  We were able to spend a couple days there and a couple days at Grandma N's house.  When we got home you got sick pretty quickly and were a very unhappy baby.  Also, you decided you didn't want anything to do with your poor Dad after being away from him for a week.  Dad even bought you a cute penguin toy- more about him later- as a welcome home present and you were scared to death of it!  To be honest, January was rough.  I didn't think you would ever get better.  Double ear infections are evil.  The doctors gave you this "bubble gum flavored" antibiotic that you detested.  You even managed to knock the whole bottle off the table onto the brand new carpet.  Mom still hasn't been able to get that stain out.  All the sickness and changes and travels made January a rough month on everyone around you, but we got through it.

Great things about month 7 included first, learning to sit more independently.  Around Christmastime you began to sit on your own.  For a few weeks following Christmas you spent most of your time sitting like this:



This was more for my sanity, but I think we skipped out on some head bumps because of it.  With sitting came the big bathtub- which you tried for the first time at Great Grandma's house.  Mom was so nervous that first time, but you did great.  Soon, you were playing on your own- with Mom an arm's reach away, of course- with your new-found bath toys.  Suddenly bath time is a wonderful thing.



I'm hopeful we don't have a fight later in life about posting pictures of you on the Internet in your birthday suit.

Not long after mastering the bathtub you learned of the most wonderful existence of independence- A.K.A. finger food.


At first you weren't too sure about these new textures...but it didn't take long for you to decide feeding yourself was great fun- you are still learning though.  Another form of independence you learned was to reach for things just out of your grasp- something you are now a pro at.


Shortly after turning 7 months you caught another virus which gave you yet another ear infection.  Since these infections were so close together, they gave you a stronger antibiotic.  Unfortunately, that antibiotic gave you thrush and a yeast diaper rash (I think that's what it's called) and possibly caused more trouble than it was worth.  However, you were back to your old self within a few days and life got a bit easier.



When you got better, Mom decided to take you on a walk one day because it was sunny and warmer than usual.  You loved to be outside.  I thought you might break your neck trying to look at everything!


Also, you made friends with the penguin.

101_0346  101_0353
101_0354  101_0358

Last month you celebrated your first Valentine's Day.  We went out as a family to Rodizio Grill.  It was delicious and you were an angel!

101_0361  101_0365

What I have enjoyed most about the past two months is watching you explore your independence, listening to you talk- especially when you say "Mama" or "Dada"..."though you tend to say "Dada" more!)- celebrating each successful reach for a far away object, rejoicing as you find your mouth with a finger food.  You are truly a joy to be around.


We love to be near you and are constantly watching to see what you'll do next.


Something you hated, but Mom was thrilled about:


Getting your hair into a ponytail!  I had to cut your bangs because they were getting in your eyes though.  :(


Look at that face!  I swear you look more grown up with each passing moment.
I thought I'd document what you learned most recently:

You make me smile every day.  I'm so grateful to have you in my life.  I love to watch you learn and explore the world around you.  I know you'll be crawling any day now.  Part of me wishes you were still newborn and helpless...until I rejoice at you getting your knees up under you.  It's true the time passes too quickly for me.  I'm sure it always will.  Yet the joy I experience in your triumphs is worth every minute of time that goes by.  I love you my darling.


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