Resolutions for 2009

So, since I've been sick for over a week, I hope you'll forgive me for not posting sooner...and yes, I know I still owe you Zoe's six month post. Geez, does anyone else feel like the holidays totally throw you off and you can't reset your schedule until the end of January? Well I do.
Anyway, Love and I came up with our goals for the year and I thought I'd share mine here. Maybe we'll revisit them if I'm doing well periodically this year and pour out excuses share my progress.

In an effort to get back to the point of my blog- to find equipoise (a state of balance)- I tried to cover several areas with my resolutions. Here we go:

1. Find time to put myself first. Give myself the opportunity to be creative, musical, active, lazy, whatever. If I can't make time for me, I will lose myself.


3. Find a way to either quit or work from home.

4. Make the gospel a priority and focus on my spiritual side. Make time for prayer, for scriptures, for time to reflect and time to be quiet.


6. Find ways to be more organized at home. Create plans to keep up with the house without making it an impossible task. Always try to find ways to make things more efficient and less cluttered.

7. Cook at home more. I've been bad at this since we moved.

8. Stick to a budget. See number 2.

9. Worry less, do more.

10. Realize that sometimes playing with Zoe is more important than sweeping the floor. Spending quality time with Love is more important than fussing at him over the way he did something. Time passes quickly, take advantage of the minutes you have.

So that is it. Or at least that's all I'm going to put on paper. Yikes, now that it's all down it seems daunting. Well, one step at a time right?

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