Hello everyone! I know I've been a stranger. I just felt like I should enjoy my last week home with Zoe and didn't want to lose any time with her to jump on the computer. We are doing fairly well. I have lots to report and, of course, some pictures to share so lets get started huh?
First, Zoe has really started to react to toys more. Her two favorites are her keys and her frog. She kicks her legs when she gets excited and smiles a lot. She has also started "talking" a lot more. We get to hear all kinds of noises from her these days as she responds to us talking to her. She becomes more fun day by day. Here are some pics of her playing:
Yummy Keys!
Look Grandma, I have a bow in my hair!
Smiles for the camera! (Look at those chunky legs!)
Hands are yummy too!
Getting to know you... (her cousin)
By the way, I sewed that tag blanket myself! I'm so proud! :)
Ok, on to the next bit of news.
As my last week with Zoe neared it's end, I decided to leave her with Love and go to a movie with the girls. For some reason, she decided to refuse the bottle (something she's taken easily since birth) and scream the whole time I was gone. Luckily, the movie time was wrong so we went to lunch instead and Love was able to bring her to me to feed her. I, of course, began to freak out worrying that she wouldn't take a bottle anymore just as I was supposed to go back to work! So we spent all day Sunday bottle feeding her. We went through 4 different nipples before we finally found one that didn't gag her. (She has a bad gag reflex!) My Mom had found a nipple that is similar in many ways to a breast, smaller nipple with a wider base and it compresses like the breast to make the transition easier for babies. Unfortunately, we didn't have a bottle that fit, so we went to the store and found the right bottle and, lo and behold, she took it- after a lot of patience, bouncing and encouragement from me. Well, that saved the day and I felt a little better knowing she should eat fine while I was at work.
Yesterday was my first day back to work. My time with her went by so fast! It was over before I knew it and I just wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared for how difficult it was. I can't even begin to describe how it felt to have to leave her! I am lucky to have a Mother-in-Law and Sisters-in-Law who are willing to keep her for me while I work. However, there is nothing to ease the pain of leaving your baby- who you haven't been away from since birth- to go to work. Poor Love watched as I cried most of Sunday night as I prepared her things and neither of us slept well. He was crying with me as he felt my pain and worried with me as we wondered how she'd do with the change. I cried again as I left her with Grandma, cried on the way to work, and cried several times during work. I knew she'd have good care from someone who loved her, but I worried that she'd freak out like she did for Love, or that she wouldn't eat. I cried because I wanted to be there to comfort her after her first shots*. I cried because I'm selfish and want all her smiles, noises, sleep times, awake times, and even fussy times to myself. Somehow, I did make it through the day. Once work was over I couldn't get home fast enough. I missed her so much! I will admit I felt much better once I arrived and found that she's been pretty good. She ate well and wasn't too fussy considering she'd had her first shots that morning. Today was easier. It was still hard to leave, but I know we need my income and I know she's well taken care of. It was especially nice not to spend the day expecting a phone call that she'd had a major freak out. She's been a little more fussy the last couple days once I get her home and I suspect it will be a bit of an adjustment for all of us, but we'll make it. Tomorrow is my day off and I look forward to spending the whole day with her. I'm still hoping I can either make more money soon and pay off debt quickly so I can quit soon...or try to find a job I can do from home with her there. Pray for me!
*As I mentioned, Zoe had her 2 month shots yesterday. Her appointment went well. She's grown another 2 inches to 23.5 inches and another (almost) 2 pounds to 11 pounds 11 ounces! I was amazed! I knew she had grown a lot...she sort of sprouted overnight...but never expected those numbers. Then came shots time and the nurse began by trying to give her a dose of Tylenol. Well, it was cherry flavored and Zoe threw it right back up...twice! So we opted to wait and give her some of the kind we had at home (grape...which she took just fine). (I have to say, though, that the nurse gave it to her laying down and straight down her throat...what did she think would happen?) Anyway, so the nurse let me give her the oral medicine (don't remember the name) that she had to take (since I know how to administer it without her vomiting). Then came the hard part. I made Love hold her down and sat there helpless as she cried through her three shots. She got shots in both legs and was not a happy camper. She did pretty well though, I'm proud of her. She was pretty good for Grandma, but came home pretty fussy and it got progressively worse so I held her all evening and then we both took a warm bath to relax her muscles. We ended up in bed pretty late, but she went 7.5 hours between feedings so I got a full 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!
Well, it's getting late and I'd better get in bed. I will try to post more often. Unfortunately, I can no longer post from work...so that makes it hard, but I'll really try my best. For now here's some more pictures of Zoe. Take care!
Taking advantage of the space...
The following are some of my favorites of the professional pictures we had taken of Zoe a few weeks ago:
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6244698b-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w 6388a961-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w
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63d765a3-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w 6493b0c7-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w
64109e14-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w 6529fd5a-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w
643208c5-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w 64fa3ac9-6271-11dd-a4dc-001517306680w
Ok, so that was actually most of them...I just couldn't choose! (We had the same problem when we ordered...yikes!) Longest post ever, right? Hopefully this will tide you over until I can post again.

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