June 2011 009

Today my little miracle baby turned three.

I can't believe it.

If you want to know why she's my miracle baby read the older posts labeled "infertility".

We had a birthday BBQ for her last Saturday. She had an absolute BLAST!

She also attended a Princess Festival here in town where everyone addressed her as "Princess Zoe".

She now insists she is a princess.

Which is true.

As is customary, I will be writing her three-year letter. Today I just wanted to spend some time with her. We're having a "yes" day and she's loving it.

Tonight we're going to share cupcakes at Daddy's softball game and get her last present- a goldfish "like Dorothy" (see Elmo) which she has decided to name "Fish Food".

Yes, she came up with that all by herself.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!

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