Life Happens

Once again I have become a hermit in the blogging world. Life seems to keep leading me to forks in the road and I've been forced to make a lot of tough decisions over the past few months. The most recent decision was that, after everything we've been through recently, Love and I decided to work things out. We got remarried about a month ago and have been very happy. I'm finally feeling like life is going to allow me a bit of time to settle into things again. I have been busy working, exercising, spending time with my husband (:D) and my girls and trying to keep up with my goals. I've done fairly well so far. Not sure I'm going to reach my reading goal...trying! I will do some updating in the next few days on goals, put up some pictures and videos, and etc. For now I just wanted to say hello to anyone who still reads this little blog and let you know I'm alive and well and HAPPY!

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