28 (Updated)

A friend of mine challenged me to follow in her footsteps and make 28 goals to accomplish in my 28th year. Considering I am staring at a new beginning, I thought it was a fabulous idea. I will share these goals with you now and as I accomplish them I will share it here. Since my birthday is 10 days before the end of the year these goals are going to be my New Year's resolutions in no particular order:

1. Go back to school

2. Decide where to live

3. Exercise Regularly

4. Learn to overcome some of my OCD tendencies

5. Visit home more often

6. Potty train Zoe!!!

7. Read 100 books

8. Take more pictures than last year (especially of Paige)

9. Replace porch light bulb (there is a story here)

10. Get my piano tuned

11. Play piano 2-3 times per week

12. Play flute 2-3 times per week

13. Sing full voiced as often as possible

14. Do one public music performance

15. Take walks regularly

16. Learn the guitar

17. Be happy with myself

18. Read scriptures daily

19. Pray morning and night (at least)

20. Learn to be on time

21. Go to the temple once a month

22. Drink 64 ounces of water daily on a regular basis

23. Start writing poetry again

24. Find a place to go swing dancing and try to go often

25. Look for opportunities to provide service and take them!

26. Go rock climbing

27. Eat at least 1 serving of fruit and vegetables every day

28. Quit my nervous habit

Some of these are goals I have to work up to, some are easy, some are really hard. This should be an interesting year...but no matter what I think I will be better for it!

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