On the same page?

Recently I've had to make a few house rules for Zoe to keep her out of trouble/ harm's way. Since I'm the one home with her most often I enforce those rules, but sometimes forget to pass them on to Love. So the other day Love and I were in the car and I brought it up:

Me: I think it would be a good idea to sit down and write out some house rules.

Love: ...

Me: It's just that I want to have it written out so that we're on the same page.

Love: I thought we were on the same page...or have you skipped ahead a few pages?

Me: Well...

Love: ...'cuz you tend to do that sometimes. I'm sitting there on page one and you've skipped ahead to like page 25. Or, I'm stuck in the pre-log...the...what is that before the first chapter? (Love hates to read.)

Me: The prologue?

Love: Yeah, I'm stuck in the prologue and you're on like chapter 5.

I guess I need to be better at communication???

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