She's here!!

Ok, so I know I'm a week late, but it's hard to tear myself away from all the cuteness!!!
I went into spontaneous labor 4 hours before I was scheduled to be induced. After 12 hours of labor- two of them spent pushing- Zoe made her grand entrance at 1:37 pm on Monday, June 30th. She was born weighing 8 lbs 6.9 oz and is 22 inches long. The room was full of tears as we saw our little miracle for the first time. Love and I are feeling so blessed and are enjoying every minute of parenthood so far...well except for the lack of sleep and such. :) Mom and baby are both doing fine. In fact, I am already back to my pre-pregnancy a week! It's crazy! I promise I will get back on here soon and tell the whole birth story...but right now my little one is waking up wanting to eat. If you want to see more pictures and get a little more info, please feel free to visit my Mom's blog.
Here's a more recent photo of Zoe, I can't believe she's already a week old! My my they change so fast!Mommy's Pics 044

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